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About Us

Rehab in Motion ™ is a Medically-Directed Therapeutic Rehabilitation program that is available to download on your smart phone, tablet or computer.

COVID-19 has changed Healthcare in the U.S and across the World’s Healthcare Systems. Patients who require Physical Therapy have limited options now that social isolation is the primary strategy for our safety. Many Americans face financial restraints, loss of jobs including their healthcare coverage.

Rehab in Motion ™ allows patients the ability to continue physical therapy for most orthopedic conditions, whether treating non-operatively or post surgery rehabilitation in the comfort of their own home and for those patients who do not have insurance.

Rehabilitation access to Physical therapy
has changed because of Covid-19.


People are afraid to go to clinics for fear of exposure, it has made it impossible to move forward with traditional on-site appointments.


Providers know that they must maintain continuity of care for current patients.


They must seek opportunity to attract new patients.

The time to adopt Rehab in Motion ™ is now!